What do we do?

MTAC empowers organizations to understand, monitor, and interact with the threat landscape and enables them to proactively identify, predict, and prevent attacks before they happen.

Furthermore, the data captured by MTAC results in a more effective and efficient incident diagnosis and evidence repository to facilitate legal proceedings.

Leak Guard

In today’s rapidly-evolving digital landscape, instant awareness of any data breach is crucial. 

Leak Guard Alert identifies C2 connections to your infrastructure in near real time.

Adversary Vision

Being one step ahead of potential adversaries is a key to ensuring top-notch cybersecurity. Adversary Vision equips organizations with the ability to preemptively monitor the activity of known threat actors and groups.

Historic Resilience

In the complex web of third-party integrations and partnerships, understanding the security posture of your external providers is paramount. Historic Resilience Insight offers a deep dive into third-party providers’ security measures.

Exfil Watch

Exfil Watch 24/7 ensures that organizations are never in the dark about this. Offering real-time monitoring of threat actor actions, this service provides 24/7 surveillance of files that have been exfiltrated, including identification with file hashes.

Tactical Threat Hunting

Master the art of cyber defense with our Tactical Threat Hunting Workshop, offering hands-on experience and advanced techniques to combat real-world cybersecurity threats.

Threat Library

Access a detailed repository of cyber threats, providing in-depth insights and strategies for effective identification, analysis, and neutralization of diverse digital security risks.

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Identify compromised victims in real time
Identify data exfiltration in real time
Identify which organization will be hit by ransomware before it happens
Track malicious activities

Identifying Current Victims of Cyber Attacks

Systems that are compromised

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