Securing the Future

Innovating Cybersecurity with MTAC AI

Business Summary

MTAC AI Corp‘s mission is to arm organizations with real-time intelligence to proactively defend against cyber attacks. With terabytes of intelligence data collected daily, we continue to give unmatched insight into emerging threats.

Here is our startup journey

We are headquartered in Toronto, Canada with offices in Vancouver and Calgary.

Our team includes software engineers, data scientists, designers,  linguists, technical, and business stakeholders with deep expertise in information security, intelligence, analysis, and visualization.


R&D Begins

Initial research into what is possible begins.


First Commercialization

First deployment for assisting in Incident Response engagements.


First Major Client

We got our first major client and started supporting Law Enforcement.


First Public presentation​

Presented at major security conferences in USA and Canada.

United in enhancing cybersecurity, we innovate and fortify

Conceptualizing a synergy where separate elements unify into a cohesive system.

Tech Savvy
Highly Motivated
People Driven

Our Leaders

The brains behind MTAC AI

Kyle Van De Vooren

Chief Intelligence Officer (CINO)

Milind Bhargava

Founder, CEO and CTO

Chris Law

Co-Founder and COO

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