Operation Diamond Shield - Mining Industry

A global mining corporation, known for its vast and lucrative mineral reserves, discovered signs of an advanced persistent threat within its network. This cyber-espionage effort was highly targeted, aiming to siphon off sensitive geological survey data that was critical to the corporation’s exploratory operations. The data in question had the potential to reveal new resource locations, thus holding significant commercial value.


The principal challenge lay in rapidly identifying the full scope of the breach and effectively neutralizing it. The corporation required a meticulous approach that would not only protect its proprietary geological data but also ensure that its day-to-day mining operations remained uninterrupted across multiple geographic locations.

Project Name
Diamond Shield
Mining Company
Our Role
Threat Hunting
Intelligence Service
Identify Threat Actor in Network
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Our Strategy

To address this complex challenge, we designed a multifaceted cybersecurity defense mechanism. It involved deploying an advanced anomaly detection system capable of identifying even the most discreet signs of network compromise. Simultaneously, we engaged in a thorough examination of historical cyber-attack patterns, specifically those that targeted the natural resources sector, to anticipate potential subsequent moves by the attackers.


Upon implementing our bespoke monitoring solutions, we quickly identified a series of covert network communications that were indicative of data exfiltration. These signals were corroborated with known tactics used in previous breaches of similar organizations, providing a clear picture of the threat actor’s methodology.


The rapid identification and historical context offered by our solution equipped the corporation with the necessary intelligence to promptly isolate the compromised systems. This immediate action thwarted the exfiltration process, securely locking down sensitive data. As a result, the mining corporation averted a potentially massive commercial and reputational loss and reinforced its cybersecurity posture against future espionage attempts.

The Results

Our client became more cyber resilient.

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Operational Continuity
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