Guarding Protocol

An integrated oil and gas entity, operating a network of critical Operational Technology (OT) systems, faced a formidable malware threat designed to disrupt its core processing and distribution operations. This malware, characterized by its stealth and complexity, had the potential to manipulate control systems, leading to hazardous disruptions in the physical operations of the company.

The Challenge

The oil and gas company was presented with the urgent task of identifying the vulnerability within their OT environment and deploying a countermeasure before the malware could be activated. Failure to do so would not only result in substantial financial repercussions but could also pose severe risks to the environment and human safety.

Project Name
Project Green
Oil and Gas company
Our Role
Threat Detection
Security Enhancement
Threat Modelling

Our Strategy

Our strategic response involved the application of an advanced threat monitoring suite, which was fine-tuned to the unique requirements of OT systems. This suite was tasked with the detection of potential zero-day exploits and the ongoing surveillance of data traffic to spot any signs of unauthorized access or data exfiltration.

Enhance Threat Monitoring
Rapid Response Implementation
Strengthen System Security


Leveraging the capabilities of our sophisticated monitoring tools, we were able to detect early testing signatures of the malware against systems similar to our client’s. Our vigilant 24/7 surveillance operations also confirmed that no critical data had left the network, thereby affirming that the threat was still in its preparatory stages.

The Outcome

With the preemptive intelligence gathered, the company moved swiftly to patch the identified vulnerabilities, effectively inoculating their systems against the impending malware deployment. This preemptive action safeguarded the company’s infrastructure, prevented potential operational shutdowns, and ensured the safety of their operations, saving potentially millions in operational and collateral damage costs.